Early Sighting

A little something from the Gollancz art department…..

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19 responses to “Early Sighting”

  1. Liz de Jager (@LizUK)

    Wow! Just wow – I approve. It creeps me the hell out but “yum”!

  2. Noona

    Ooooooh. Gloriously creepy. Love it!

  3. Anne Lyle

    Creepy? Hell, I’m a zoologist, I’ve seen worse down a binocular microscope :)

    I do like it though! Beautiful detail in the skull…

    *nudges The Cold Commands nearer the top of TBR pile*

  4. Pallav

    Very death metal. The skull looks almost 3D. It’s a dragon skull, which is even more rocking!

  5. Phil Norris

    Wow! Scary!

  6. Phil Norris

    With the cover quote from The Wertzone, does that mean the books finished and been reviewed?

  7. Bloody Savage

    I had thought it was going to be a staff-lance, but this is way more fitting somehow. Love it.

  8. J. A. Huss

    Very nice, love the glowing green eyes…now about that missing Kovacs…resurrect him, PLEASE!

  9. Phil Norris

    Oh yeah, forgot about Kovacs. So is that what a “Martian” looks like?

  10. Linda P

    WOW! This cover is certainly eye-catching! I’d pick up this book because of the cover, even if I didn’t know anything about the author.

  11. J. A. Huss

    @Phil Norris – Oh shit, I never imagined the Martians as that evil…if so, new appreciation for the madness that ensued in Broken Angels.

  12. Alejo Cuervo

    Nice. :)

  13. Adam Whitehead

    “With the cover quote from The Wertzone, does that mean the books finished and been reviewed?”

    Negative. That’s from my review of THE COLD COMMANDS. Cover blurbs can refer to the author and/or the series, not just the specific book.

  14. Jane

    I’ve always really loved your d/j artwork ~ so-o NOT what Ursula K le G. dubs ‘purple monster’ generic SF stuff.
    And many happy returns of yesterday, eh?! Trust you raised a glassful of the Scottish aqua vitae.

  15. damaia

    Kovacs and the gang are in these books, in a sense. Y’all just aren’t looking hard enough.

  16. Fran

    @15 – indeed, would take a fair bit of effort *not* to meet Taka and Co in them.
    Having read the description in the last post of Fifirdar, I can seek why Kovacs was so in awe of her. She makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  17. Sam

    Damn that’s really cool! Should look good in black and grey on the e-reader too :)

  18. Leo

    It doesnt have whiskers. It has rat tails! Yuck! And kind of scary =)

  19. Glyn Jackson

    I wondered what was happening to the next book, when I met you at a signing you said we would not have to wait too long…
    Looks fantastic!

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