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Last Call (Next Time you See this Stuff, it’ll Be in a Book)

He woke from a dream of winter sunset out on the steppe, long, low spearing rays of reddish light that spilled and dazzled across his eyes as he rode, but failed to warm him at all.  He was riding somewhere important, he knew, had something to deliver, he thought, but there was a faint terror […]

Racoons with Guns

So there’s been a bit of talk about this, and how it heralds the End of Grimdark (rumble), a Return to Core Values (drumroll), some sort of genre re-set maybe, at least within the context of superhero movies.  I don’t see it myself – but then I haven’t seen it and I don’t suppose I […]

If you only read one science fiction novel this year…

…make it this one! Looks cool, don’t it.  And I happen to know for a fact that it is cool, because I was lucky enough to snag a super-early advance reading copy at the back end of last year.  Peter Watts is one of a very small list of writers, and an even smaller list […]

How you know you’re having a good summer

- breakfast is late and leisurely, and rather than actually ending, it just peters out into a vague stirring to activities which mostly don’t require you to relinquish your still unfinished coffee; check your mails, from the one place on the verandah you can get reception; carry the used crockery back inside by dribs and […]

Wrap Music (and Tracks from the Dawn of Time)

Finishing a trilogy – it turns out – is a more protracted affair than you’d imagine.  For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to get Ringil and company out of my head, in order to clear the decks for some straight up SF, but they’re not taking the eviction well.  Had a dream about […]

Choose your Poison

Find that I’m currently enjoying this rather a lot more than this. Still not entirely sure of the why, both certainly have their respective flaws.  Might be a question of scale, or maybe just of tone.  But if anyone were to ask, I’d have to say the Ringil books chime far closer to the former than […]

Luke Skywalker, Left Unity and the Stuttgart Megabrothel

Having been approached by the Star Wars franchise to write a tie-in with quote “a startlingly fresh angle on the canon”, I find myself- Okay, just kidding.  Though it is tempting to imagine which New York-based emigre Latin American or East European post-modernist writer you might hire to deliver a tie-in novel behind that title….. […]

New Aunts and Catching Up in Westeros

One of the nice things that wrapping Land Fit for Heroes has given me is a sudden freedom to catch up on a whole lot of other people’s fantasy fiction; now I’m done, I no longer live in terror of involuntarily inflecting my work with traces of Martin, Abercrombie et al – I can actually […]

What’s the Tome, Mr Wolf

Just call me Santiago….. Out in the Gulf three days (ehm, that’d be three years actually, Richard – ed.) towed behind this bloody great fish, biggest thing I’ve ever had a hook in.  But I landed it, Sunday last, and finally got it on the scales. 247k. Yeah, that’s 247 thousand words.  Ladies and gentlemen, […]

Penultimate Pre-pub Taste

There were times he dreamed that the cage had taken him after all; that he made some impassioned speech confessing guilt and repentance on the floor of the Hearings Chamber, and offered himself up for the sentence instead.  That the Chancellery law-lords in their enthroning chairs and finery murmured behind their hands, deliberated amongst themselves […]