Books, Comics and Computer Games

Richard Morgan is the author of three Takeshi Kovacs novels, two stand-alone science fiction novels and the dark fantasy trilogy A Land Fit For Heroes, plus three comics collections and two science fiction computer games.

Click the covers or links below for more information on each book.

A Land Fit For Heroes

The Steel Remains UK PaperbackThe Cold Commands UK PaperbackThe Dark Defiles UK hardback

  1. The Steel Remains (August 2008)
  2. The Cold Commands (October 2011)
  3. The Dark Defiles (Oct / Nov 2014)

The Takeshi Kovacs Novels

Altered Carbon UK PaperbackBroken Angels UK PaperbackWoken Furies UK Paperback

  1. Altered Carbon (Feb 2002)
  2. Broken Angels (Jan 2003)
  3. Woken Furies (Mar 2005)

Stand-Alone Science Fiction Novels

Market Forces UK PaperbackBlack Man UK paperback

  1. Market Forces (Mar 2004)
  2. Black Man (UK) / Thirteen (US) (Jan 2003)

Omnibus Editions

The SF Collection UK Ebook Omnibus

Comics Collections

Black Widow: HomecomingBlack Widow: The Things They Say About HerCrysis 2 Graphic Novel cover

Computer Games

Crysis 2 - Game Cover ArtSyndicate Game Cover

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3 responses to “Books, Comics and Computer Games”

  1. andalousy

    thanks check out some good arab games here

  2. Sunny

    Hi Richard

    I’ve recently gone through your Takeshi Kovacs Novels and wondered if there are any more in the pipeline?

    I imagine you get this question alot, so apologies if you’re getting tired of the same question

    I plan to get “Black Man” next

    Kind regards

  3. Januk

    A long, long time ago I visited this site and saw something that really surprised me. Morgan himself posted something akin to “For those of you asking about a 4th Kovacs novel; I will never do it. Ever. It’s over.”

    I’m paraphrasing to the best of my memory, but that was the tone I remember; it was harsh – intentionally harsh. It splattered my hopes of seeing Takeshi again. There’s only so many times you can re-read a novel before you let it slide behind your shelf. Maybe that’s how Morgan felt about the series…? Who knows.

    Whether intentional or not Altered Carbon’s universe is perfectly suited to sequels, prequels and sagas of epic proportions. Everyone knows the best part about Altered Carbon is that the characters live in an imperfect world of cyber-reincarnation. You expect and hope that your favourite characters end up living forever, travelling to distant worlds, surviving with their wits, trying to stay one step ahead of ‘real-death’ all while remaining essentially human and flawed throughout. Meeting up at different times and places, in different bodies. That concept was and still is the most awesome part of A.C.

    I really thought the series could rival DUNE if given the chance, but I think if Morgan wanted to make another he’d have done it by now.

    One can still hope though, or at least keep a look out for similar Morgan books :)