Market Forces

A Stand-Alone Novel

Market Forces UK PaperbackA coup in Cambodia. Guns to Guatemala. For the men and women of Shorn Associates, opportunity is calling. In the superheated global village of the near future, big money is made by finding the right little war and supporting one side against the other–in exchange for a share of the spoils. To succeed, Shorn uses a new kind of corporate gladiator: sharp-suited, hard-driving gunslingers who operate armored vehicles and follow a Samurai code. And Chris Faulkner is just the man for the job.

He fought his way out of London’s zone of destitution. And his kills are making him famous. But unlike his best friend and competitor at Shorn, Faulkner has a side that outsiders cannot see: the side his wife is trying to salvage, that another woman–a porn star turned TV news reporter–is trying to exploit. Steeped in blood, eyed by common criminals looking for a shot at fame, Faulkner is living on borrowed time. Until he’s given one last shot at getting out alive…

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Book Details:

UK / ANZ Print Edition
Publisher: Gollancz / Hachette Australia
Date: Mar 2005 (Current Edtn Sep 2008)
ISBN: 9780575081260
Format: Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99 / $AUS19.99

North American Print Edition
Publisher: Del Rey
Date: Mar 2005
ISBN: 9780345457745
Format: Paperback
R.R.P.: US$16.00 / CAN$14.99

Publisher: Gollancz (UK) / Del Rey (US)
Date: Dec 2008 / Mar 2005
ISBN: 9780575085855 / 9780345457745

Publisher: Tantor Media (US)
Date: Apr 2005

German Edition
Publisher: Heyne Verlag (Profit)

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Market Forces

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Reviews and Plaudits:

“Richard K. Morgan is one of science fiction’s bright young lights, a crisp stylist who demonstrates equal facility with action scenes and angst … His new book is a darker, angrier piece of work.”
– Andrew Leonard, for the New York Times

“Taking his theme from such well-known critics of Western capitalism as Noam Chomsky, Susan George and Michael Moore (all listed as sources), the author presents a bleak near-future that includes continuing job loss through NAFTA, the undermining of national economies like that of China and the creation of a permanent underclass.”
Publishers Weekly

“[Market Forces] is superb, and shows without doubt that Morgan is no ‘one hit wonder’. By far the sharpest book I’ve read in the last year, Market Forces is highly recommended.”
– John Berlyne, SFRevu

“Richard Morgan’s third book sees him branching out a little and improving a little upon what he already does so well – which is to say no incredible surprises here, just another ‘Certificate 18’ killer read that you’d be a fool to miss!”
Stuart Carter, Infinity Plus

Market Forces is an exhilarating and maddening look at a nightmare future that’s just plausible enough to haunt anyone who contemplates how close we may already be to living there.”
– Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

“a kind of Terminator / Death of a Salesman hybrid, simultaneously hard-edged and insightful. I suspect it’ll hook you; it hooked me.”
– Simon Petrie, Andromeda Spaceways

“I’m unsure that I’ve ever been as emotionally affected by a novel as I was by this one. Over the course of Market Forces, I felt Chris Faulkner’s elation, and I felt his devastation. By the ending, I was shaking with emotion.”
– Nathaniel Katz, The Hat Rack

“It’s not surprising that Market Forces is something of a wild ride. It is however, distinctly different than Morgan’s previous novels about the detective Takeshi Kovacs.”
– Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

“While the ‘corporate dystopia’ isn’t exactly an unknown trope of SF, rarely has it been made this convincing … Highly recommended.”
– Tony Chester,

“Cunning and artful deception on the part of Mr. Morgan leave the reader guessing at every turn, and ultimately propels the protagonist towards a conclusion that is everything but typical … in my opinion, a great improvement over its predecessors, so if you enjoyed those you are going to love Market Forces.”
Only the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy

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