Woken Furies

The Third Takeshi Kovacs Novel

Woken Furies UK PaperbackTakeshi Kovacs has come home. Twice.

The gains of the Quellist revolution are lost. The First Families, corporations and Yakuza battle to exploit even the dregs of Harlan’s World. And Kovacs has returned to extract revenge for his murdered dreams. As, it is whispered, has Quellcrist Falconer…

Mutterings of a second rebellion stir in a maelstrom of political intrigue, and in the technological recesses of machine-infested New Hokkaido, fostered by a fragile craving for Quell’s return from the dead an dthe freedom of Harlan’s World. But when faced with a kernel of defiance the First Families act, bringing a savage young Envoy called Takeshi Kovacs out of storage to up-root the rebellion and crush it…

Only one thing is certain: someone called Takeshi Kovacs is going to have to die. For good.

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Book Details:

UK / ANZ Print Edition
Publisher: Gollancz / Hachette Australia
Date: Mar 2005 (Current Edtn Sep 2008)
ISBN: 9780575081277
Format: Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99 / $AUS19.99

North American Print Edition
Publisher: Del Rey
Date: May 2007
ISBN: 9780345499776
Format: Paperback
R.R.P.: US$16.00 / CAN$14.99

Publisher: Gollancz (UK) / Del Rey (US)
Date: Sep 2008 / Sep 2005
ISBN: 9780575086081 / 9780345486127

Publisher: Gollancz (UK) / Tantor Media
Date: Nov 2014 / Feb 2006
ISBN: 9781409158790 / ??

German Edition
Publisher: Heyne Verlag (Heiliger Zorn)

French Edition
Publisher: Bragelonne (Furies Déchaînées)

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Woken Furies (Takeshi Kovacs, #3)

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Reviews and Plaudits:

Woken Furies marries breathtaking suspense and action with a consistent and intellectually fulfilling plot that explores the dynamics of power and consequences of revolution from a perspective neither idealistic nor overly cynical and jaundiced.”
– Thomas M. Wagner, SFReviews.net

“Morgan is a brave and audacious writer and there is definitely something of the philosopher warrior in him. Sure, he has a penchant for lurid sex scenes and graphic violence (come on! don’t we all?), but these impulses are tempered, perhaps even contextualised by a deep insight into the world of his novels.”
– John Berlyne, SFRevu

“develops a baroque, appallingly complicated setting, full of opportunities for revelation and betrayal”
Publishers Weekly

“Hammering cyberpunk action, with an occasional detour for a stirring speech against religious fundamentalism.”
Kirkus Reviews

“If Altered Carbon flagged Morgan as an SF writer of major promise, Woken Furies goes a very long way towards delivering on that promise. In several ways, I enjoyed this book more than either of its two predecessors.”
– Simon Petrie, Andromeda Spaceways

“an ultra-violent, bloody, sexually explicit and generally pretty hardcore story of revenge, rebellion and fear, with some exploding robots, surfing and extreme rock-climbing thrown into the mix.”
– Adam Whitehead, The Wertzone

“With Woken Furies Richard Morgan reaches farther into himself and farther into his characters than readers might have thought possible. Combining the best aspects of his previous novels and adding a layer of emotion, an almost wistful sense of place and time, Woken Furies is powerful and affecting.”
– Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

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One response to “Woken Furies”

  1. Steven Tilly

    Having read Altered Carbon and Broken Angels almost the minute they came out, it has somehow taken me 10 long years to get around to reading Woken Furies. Loving it – love the style (I’d forgotten how much I like the writing style in the Kovaks books), I really can’t put it down. I’ve got Black Man on the Kindle now too, for when I’ve finished ‘Furies.