Black Widow: Homecoming

Black Widow: Homecoming by Richard Morgan

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics (US)
  • Publication Date: May 2005 (US)


The deadliest agent in the Marvel Universe has finally gotten out of the spy game, and she’s not asking for much, just a life of her own. When a sudden assassination attempt provides a harsh reality check, the former Soviet agent tracks a string of international killings that will lead her back to a Russia she can barely recognize.

Author’s Notes:

A brief foray into sequential art, feminist subtext and overt political anger – welcome to a twenty first century reinterpretation of one of Marvel’s iffiest ‘heroes’. Just how does a superannuated Soviet female super-spy feel about life in the era of corporate power, glossy marketing and lad mag sexuality? Find out, but be warned – in terms of comic sales, this one flew like a brick.

It’s evidently not quite what the mainstream comic-book audience want from their female icons. Oh well…