You Believe This Shit? (reprise)

Further to my rant from a couple of months ago of the same name, I received a very heartening e-mail from a ranking serviceman yesterday.  He is, broadly speaking, in sympathy with the dynamic of Wikileaks (though he admits that there are those among his colleagues who are not) and implies he is far from the only one.  What’s even more interesting is what he says after that:

Statistically I’m safer deployed than I am living in my home country. I joined the Army and subsequently worked very hard for a commission in the idealistic and misguided hope that off the back of my sacrifice the world would be a better place. The military is full of bitter people like me who are fighting for a cause we believe in in archaic, outmoded, inflexible and immoral ways. Most of us, owing to our reasons for joining or ironically the values inculcated by our training, would happily die in the defence of the things we hold dear.

You were on the mark with that one.

I’ve rarely seen the human dynamic of soldiering I try to express in my work so cleanly laid out by someone who knows.