Broken Angels


Sleeved in a damaged Wedge-issue combat body, Takeshi Kovacs is serving as a mercenary in a brutal little Protectorate sponsored war to put down the rebellion on Sanction IV.

Taking the chance to join a covert team trying to secure an archaeological prize, Takeshi is dropped into a maelstrom of treachery and betrayal that makes the front-line a happy memory. For this is a prize whose value is limitless and whose dangers are endless. It’s a prize that the corporations will kill for. A prize that will take mankind to the brink.

Author’s Notes:

“A deeper and darker excursion into the Kovacs universe, more detail on the politics of the Protectorate, the Martians and the Archaeologue Guild. A planetary war, a paradigm-shattering discovery and a journey into the inner reaches of Takeshi’s trauma-ridden consciousness.

“If there was ultimately something clean at the end of Altered Carbon, Broken Angels offers no such comfort. You’re just lucky if you get out alive. Focus called it ‘nasty’, and they were right.”