Market Forces

  • Publisher: Gollancz (UK) / Del Rey (US)
  • Publication Date: January 2005 / March 2005


‘All over the world, men and women still find causes worth killing and dying for. And who are we to argue with them? Have we lived in their circumstances? Have we felt what they feel? No. It is not our place to say if they are right or wrong.

‘At Shorn Conflict Investment, we are concerned with only two things. Will they win? And will it pay?

Chris Faulkner has just landed the job of his life. But Shorn Associates are the market leader in Conflict Investment. They expect results. They expect the best. Chris has one very high profile kill to his name already but he will have to drive hard, go for kill after kill, if he’s to keep his bosses happy. All he has to do in the meantime is stay alive…

Author’s Notes:

Something a little different – this was once just a nasty idea (“they think they live in a fucking jungle, don’t they?”), then it was a short story nobody wanted to publish (“you write well, but I couldn’t sympathise with either of the two unpleasant yuppie characters”), then it was a screenplay nobody wanted to make into a movie (“no-one’s going to want to play an action hero this morally compromised”).

Now it’s a novel – take it for a test drive and see how you feel about it.