Woken Furies

  • Publisher: Gollancz (UK) / Del Rey (US)
  • Publication Date: March 2005 (UK) / May 2007


Takeshi Kovacs has come home. Twice.

The gains of the Quellist revolution are lost. The First Families, corporations and Yakuza battle to exploit even the dregs of Harlan’s World. And Kovacs has returned to extract revenge for his murdered dreams. As, it is whispered, has Quellcrist Falconer…

Mutterings of a second rebellion stir in a maelstrom of political intrigue, and in the technological recesses of machine-infested New Hokkaido, fostered by a fragile craving for Quell’s return from the dead an dthe freedom of Harlan’s World. But when faced with a kernel of defiance the First Families act, bringing a savage young Envoy called Takeshi Kovacs out of storage to up-root the rebellion and crush it…

Only one thing is certain: someone called Takeshi Kovacs is going to have to die. For good.

Author’s Notes:

Welcome home, Kovacs. This was a conscious attempt to get back to the roots of who Takeshi Kovacs is and what makes him tick. It’s also a fuel injected sprint around the planet that brought him into being. Politics, religion and nostalgia – Kovacs will go through them all like Angelfire if they get in his way, but this time around there might just be something other than despair at the bottom of the mix when he’s done.

Probably the Last Kovacs Novel, so like any good single malt or a Scottish west coast sunset, savour it as it goes down.